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Danny Granger is a former American professional basketball player who played in the NBA for ten seasons. Danny is the son of Janice and Danny Granger, Sr. and was raised Jehovah’s Witness alongside his younger brother and older sister.

Danny attended high school at Grace King High School located in Metairie, Louisiana. On his high school team, Granger was a four-year letterman averaging 24.3 points per game, 12 rebounds per game, and 5.5 blocks per game in his senior year. Danny Granger was also recognized as a state finalist for the 2000 Wendy’s Heisman and graduated within the top 10 percent of his class. Danny played for the Bradley Braves at the beginning of his collegiate career and later transferred to New Mexico to play for the Lobos. Danny Granger’s collegiate experience is underlined by a 19.5 points per game career high, becoming a recipient of the Bob King Team MVP Award in recognition of his excellence on the court, and breaking records with the Lobos for steals and blocks.

Danny Granger’s professional career began when he was drafted 17th pick by the Indiana Pacers in the 2005 NBA draft. Danny notably became the team’s leading scorer in the 2007-08 season, a distinction that he held for four consecutive years. Danny was recognized as the league’s Most Improved Player in 2009 and broke numerous organizational records with the Pacers. In his final seasons, Granger played for the L.A Clippers and Miami Heat.

During his time in the league, Danny Granger was recognized for his incredibly passion for the sport of basketball and interest in contributing to teams to bring them to the next level. Danny’s shooting, blocking, and rebound abilities are recognized as reasons he was able to lead the Pacers through several seasons. After retiring from the NBA, Danny Granger has since become an analyst for CBS Sports Network, has founded his own real estate investment company, and remains active in the “Dribble to Stop Diabetes” campaign.

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Danny Granger knows that there are many people who want to learn more about how to improve their game and bring results to their teams. DannyGranger.com is a platform for basketball fans interested in developing deeper game knowledge through insights from an experienced former player. Danny will also provide updates on his other hobbies and areas of expertise for readers.

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Basketball Resources

Collegiate and professional basketball circuits evolve at a rapid speed to account for new, dynamic talent and innovative strategies to win games. For players of all skill levels interested in improving their game, basketball resources can be incredibly beneficial for helping to develop skills and continue towards success in the sport. Readers can expect that insights from Danny Granger will address several important topics in basketball such as practicing, synergizing with teammates, motivating oneself and othe.rs to reach new heights, and more.

Basketball News

As a basketball commentator, Danny Granger knows just how fast the league moves. Whether it be a team’s great win, tough loss, injury, or trade, fans want to keep up with interesting developments in the NBA. For this reason, Danny will update readers with recent basketball news as information becomes available. Danny also will include inside looks into what these changes will mean for teams, fans, and the league as a whole.

Personal Development

Personal development is key for individuals regardless of their path, helping them stay motivated, reach their goals, and stand as an example of themselves and others. Danny has experience in health campaigns, volunteer spaces, and more and wishes to show readers the value that contributing to personal development can have for oneself and others. Personal development insights from Danny Granger will cover innovative ways to get involved in your community, the importance of giving back, and tips for being more mindful in your interactions with others.


Danny Granger is a Jehovah’s Witness and family man who loves spending time with his wife and kids. Danny speaks to how being a great father is a point of pride for him and how he is consistently learning new ways to improve his parenting style. Through parenting insights provided by Danny, new and experienced parents alike can grow their understanding of how to create supportive, positive environments for their children.


Many people do not know that Danny Granger is an experienced gardener who enjoys growing a wide variety of different plants. Danny acknowledges that there has been a boom in people interested in learning about gardening and he aims to include comprehensive info for individuals growing their own gardens.


Woodworking is a hobby that Danny enjoys participating in to practice patience and craftmanship. If you are interested in content that provides in-depth looks at woodworking and its processes, look no further than future posts from Danny Granger. Woodworking insights from Danny will cover topics such as great beginner projects for woodworkers, drafting tips, and some of the positive benefits of the hobby.

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Danny Granger realizes that his experience in professional basketball places him in the unique position to share a variety of insights on the sport. Additionally, he knows that people are interested in contributing to personal development through hobbies and wellness activities. Future posts inspired by Danny’s insights will, therefore, cover basketball, Danny’s career, recent basketball developments, parenting insights, and a variety of hobby activities.

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